I'm Peter, I'm passionate about software development, DevOps, and all things technical. I have hands-on experience working at NetApp on the E-Series Solutions team, where I managed internal tools and supported product development. I have a strong skillset and have worked with tools such as Ansible, Docker, Foreman, Linux, Python, Golang, and more. I also led Linux workshops and a class at Wichita State University and served as secretary for The Wichita State Linux Users group.

Outside of work and school I enjoy spending time with my partner, working on many personal projects, and indoor rockwall climbing.

My Skillset:

I am well-versed in a wide range of technical topics and my knowledge provides a solid foundation for diving deeper into areas where I may not be as familiar. I ask insightful questions such as "How have others approached this in the past?" and "What opportunities exist for me to innovate and improve upon existing solutions?" This mindset helps me quickly get up to speed and make informed decisions on the best approach for any project.

Work I'm Proud Of:

Creating Internal tools at NetApp.

At NetApp, I created internal tools to simplify the deployment and utilization of internal systems. It was immensely satisfying to have a deep understanding of these systems and create tools that enable developers, including myself, to work more efficiently.

Writing a API server in Golang for file system analysis.

While working at READS-Tech, I was responsible for developing an API server that analyzed the user's file system for large files and other issues. This project was my first experience using Golang and I gained valuable knowledge of the language. The tool was designed to be efficient, though there were limitations to overcome, such as the need for numerous disk read operations. One of the challenges I faced was finding duplicates among files, which involved reading every file in a specified location. I optimized the process by implementing strategies such as skipping smaller files and checking file sizes before reading the file contents.

Installing internet for rural customers for South Dakota Internet.

At South Dakota Internet, I was part of a team that brought wireless internet to rural communities. As a technician, I was responsible for installing and connecting customer's equipment to the network. It was fulfilling to provide internet access to people who previously lacked this essential service and open up new opportunities for them. The experience taught me the importance of reliable communication and its impact on people's lives.

Helping customers while working at Walmart.

In 2018, I was employed at Walmart in the Electronics department, where I honed my customer service and technical knowledge skills. My role involved assisting customers with product-related inquiries and providing relevant information about the products we sold. I was challenged to communicate complex technical concepts in a simple and understandable manner, which greatly improved my communication and interpersonal skills. The experience of working in a retail environment allowed me to interact with a diverse range of customers from various backgrounds, providing me with a unique opportunity to understand their needs. I take great pride in having helped customers find the best solution for their needs.

Creating documentation and helping management in a transition period at a manufacturing plant.

While in highschool, I interned at a manufacturing plant doing IT work. My initial role involved tasks such as running ethernet cables. Over time, I gained more familiarity with the plant and its employees and started to work more on the software side. My responsibilities included fixing printer issues and other technical problems. When my supervisor left the company to work at a local hospital, I became the sole IT person. The company brought in an external IT provider to handle some of the workload, and I assisted in orienting him with the plant's IT systems, tools, procedures, and potential challenges. I also maintained a map of computer locations, which facilitated a smooth transition during the change in IT personnel.

Working under pressure in theater productions.

I was a member of the technical crew for many theater productions and other events in highschool. I was proficient in various tasks, both live and during preproduction, but my main responsibility was as the sound operator. Our school theater was shared with the city and needed to be highly versatile. This required a sophisticated sound system with various capabilities and nuances. Balancing the sound from various sources, such as stage microphones, instruments, and sound effects from the computer, all while coordinating backstage microphone changes and addressing any unexpected technical challenges made for a fast-paced and stressful environment. Despite the pressure, I was able to perform well and felt a sense of accomplishment after each show. This experience taught me how to handle stressful situations, identify what was within my control, and what was not.